New Stockists


Copies of Phil Julian “York 17/08/2012” are now available in the UK via Electric Knife Records, Infinite Limits and Norman Records and in the USA via Mimaroglu Music Sales.

AV Titles @ Improvised Music From Japan


Copies of Francisco Meirino & Jason Kahn’s “Music For An Empty Cinema”, David Papapostolu’s “Sivom de la Droude” and Paul Abbott & Daichi Yoshikawa’s “Broken Tree” are now available via Japanese distributor Improvised Music From Japan.

“Music For An Empty Cinema” @ Art into Life


Copies of the Francisco Meirino & Jason Kahn release “Music For An Empty Cinema” are now available via Japanese distributor Art into Life.

AV Titles @ Winds Measure Recordings Distro


A few copies of “Music For An Empty Cinema” and “Sivom de la Droude” are available in the USA via winds measure recordings distro: