Now Available - Phil Julian & Ben Owen “Between Landing”


Now available, please go to the release page for more details.

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Copies of Phil Julian “York 17/08/2012” are now available in the UK via Electric Knife Records, Infinite Limits and Norman Records and in the USA via Mimaroglu Music Sales.

Now Available: Phil Julian “York 17/08/2012”


Recorded in The Rymer Auditorium at the Music Research Centre, York University 17th August 2012 using two
EMS VCS3 synthesisers.

Nine track chrome C40 cassette w/ download code. (.wav, .flac, .mp3 and other options available.)

Mastered by Jac Beloeil.

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Phil Julian “Photic Ellipse” Free Download


Phil Julian “Photic Ellipse”

Stereo mix of four channel computer-generated audio now available as a free download.

Used as part of the Netaudio Festival 2011 broadcasts on Resonance FM and also formed the basis for the Wet Sounds diffusion performance at Newcastle City Swimming Pool on 06/02/2011.

Available as a free download in .wav, .flac, .ogg & .mp3 formats.

Now Available: Francisco Meirino & Jason Kahn “Music for an Empty Cinema”


New release: a live collaborative recording from Francisco Meirino and Jason Kahn made at Cinéma Oblò in Lausanne, Switzerland in 2009.

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